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We will be offering coupons from local Okinawa business as a part of our Hai Club Membership. We are going to offering free trial memberships via this link to our Ask Okinawa Hai group members to join. Please Join joining by clicking "add to cart" and enter your info. Choose "keep me up to date on news...." and enter the code "haiclub" to bring your total to $0. We will send you a link to offer you the free trial month.  Thank you! 

We will offer coupons from

  • Sam's by the Sea
  • Bovinos
  • Forest Adventure
  • Shima Dive
  • Fukugawa Trekking tour
  • Love Nail Salon
  • Chatan Steamed Seafood
  • Mobal Cell Phone Sim Cards
  • American Chiropractic Service
  • Amakata Legal Services
  • Koza Car Sales
  • Lustre House Keeping
  • Japan ETC Card 
  • Bollywood
  • Photoshisa Photography
  • Alpine Creed Mtn Guides
  • APS Audio and Tint
  • adding more every day!